by Andrew Thomas Huang

Archival pigment print

Milk Gallery is please to announce IntersticeThese digital paintings provide a companion mythology to the film "Interstice."  This origin tale series features themes of alienation, conflict with institutionalized orthodoxy, divination practices, and shifting concepts of "heaven" and "hell."  The first piece Andrew Thomas Huang  created is a triptych called "The Ninth Level," inspired by the nine levels of Hell in Dante's Inferno and The Dark Net, a book about the Deep Web by Jamie Bartlett.  By printing this scene as an archival pigment print on metallic photochrome paper, the digital nature of the work is highlighted with a silvery, reflective finish to effect the feeling of a shimmering, virtual 21st century Inferno.  The other paintings developed from this triptych, featuring characters engaging theatrical ritual acts, group exorcisms, revivals, self-flagellating processions, oracular consultations and, if you look closely, private moments of stolen intimacy and tenderness. All of these scenes occur within a digitally fabricated universe, rendered with iridescent CG shaders in Huang's attempt to play up the glossy, synthetic, computer-generated quality of the medium.  The characters were created using Zbrush and Maya. The backgrounds are also entirely digital, drawn meticulously by hand / wacom-tablet in Maya using Paint Effects to create repetitive swirling terrain patterns reminiscent of Chinese landscape painting.  Once each figure and landscape element were rendered separately, Huang then collages together these many layers in Photoshop to create the flat, sprawling Medieval tapestry-like format.
























  • 10'' x 10'' each | Edition of 10 + 1 AP $600.00
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