Untitled 04

Untitled 04

by James Needham

Digital C Print

After arriving in New York in 2011 from Australia, James Needham was struck by how empty such an overcrowded city could often appear. In contrast to its reputation for being a loud and bustling metropolis Needham began to notice areas of New York that lay deserted: the quiet, isolated spaces tourists traveled through, rather than to. Utilizing the bright and saturated style of urban landscape painters such as Edward Hopper and Jeffrey Smart, Needham set out to photograph one of the world's most documented cities through a different lens, striping it of its most notable characteristics--its inhabitants--to render New York almost unrecognizable.


While his focus expanded past the city of New York the stark aesthetic remained. The calming composition of shapes and colour combined to form a "hyper-realist" portrayal of urban scenes while the addition of a solitary figure or vehicle disrupts the tranquility and injects a sense of loneliness, the combination of both create a sublime unsettling beauty.


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