Sakura Zine

by Cole Giordano and Mike Sikora


Sakura, or cherry blossoms, bloom each year in Japan around the end of March and start of April. They last for a small window of only a few days and then they are gone.

Takahiro Morita has been a leading and influential figure in the Japanese skate scene for over 20 years. Of the sakura's brief appearance he says: "The Japanese wait all year for this one week. Sakura are the soul of Japan."

This video and photo series combine the aesthetics of skateboarding with the sakura, striving to capture the spirit of Japan through the movement and fluidity of skateboarding.

This project was a collaboration between Cole Giordano, Mike Sikora and Takahiro Morita.

  • Zine | Edition of 150 $10.00
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