Passengers - ALEXIS

Passengers - ALEXIS

by Isa Brito

Silver gelatin print

Isa Brito’s photographs from her exhibition Passengers  are telling stories of New York’s street life in the 1980s and 90s. Brito’s love affair with the camera helped her obtain a provocative and poetic body of black and white photographic work. Her keen imagery document moments in time, many which would not be seen without her gritty photography of New York’s underground that consists of drag queens, club kids, and performers. Brito’s photographs take viewers into a world of bizarre, enthralling nightlife affairs that go beyond imagination. 


A portrait of Alexis posing on E 3rd Street in the East Village after Brito and her became friends over a shared love of nail polish in 1985.


Brito's personal story:


I met Alexis on Bowery Street while investigating some of the hotels for portrait making of the residents. She immediately complimented my gold nail polish and said we could trade a few colors if I liked. I lived near by so we ended up sitting on a stoop painting our nails. We continued to see each other and I kept making portraits of her. She immensely enjoyed posing. Alexis invited me to her birthday party in Staten Island where she lived with her grandmother. I arrived at their immaculately clean home to discover that I was the only guest. Alexis and I spent time in her very romantic and organized room where she showed me her extensive teddy bear collection. Her boyfriend, a very handsome MTA subway conductor arrived from work and we had a lovely and quiet dinner her grandmother prepared, and watched football on TV.  




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