Polaroids - Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Polaroids - Giraffe Manor, Kenya

by Diego Uchitel

Digital Archival Print

Diego Uchitel's Polaroids exhibition and book launch represents a body of work taken over the course of Uchitel’s 25-year career in a stunning new book featuring candid and posed Polaroids of iconic models and celebrities.


What was renowned photographer Diego Uchitel to do when he awoke in his Kenya hotel to find a giraffe poking its head into his window? Why what any other self-respecting superstar-photographer would do...grab a camera and snap, snap, snap!


The magic of that moment is still perceptible in this rare polaroid print. Hang in your home or office to escape to Uchitel's Kenya—where man and majestic beast collide—at any time of the day.



  • 16x20 Edition of 10 $1,200.00
  • 20x24 Edition of 7 $1,750.00
  • 30x40 Edition of 5 $2,500.00
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